Galway Dance Project: Movement & Storytelling

Galway Dance Project: Movement & Storytelling
Movement & Storytelling: devising movement to find new ways of telling our stories.
By Jérémie Cyr-Cooke

Hosted by Canadian/Galway-based choreographer and physical theatre-maker, Jérémie Cyr-Cooke, this workshop will focus on devising movement as a method of adaptation for text-based performance.
Participants will have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs, and in groups, and explore the harmonies between text, movement and storytelling. Physical theatre isn’t just about choreography; it is about expressing the stories that lie within our deepest emotions which cannot be expressed through words.
The workshop is open to participants of all levels, members/subscribers of GDP & GTF, and offers a great opportunity for dancers, actors, performers, and any movement enthusiasts.

Saturday 12th May, 12.30-2.30pm
St Nicholas’ School

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