Cuisle Productions is dedicated to re-examine the way we, as a society, tell our (hi)stories, engaging a diverse group of Irish and European audiences through the creation of vibrant and innovative performances, using the body as the primary communicator in storytelling. My work serves as a catalyst for self and societal reflection by offering visceral and somatic experiences that investigate important issues relative to humanness, socio-cultural identities, languages, and history. 


As an artist and company, I cast about for the work to excite and inspire audiences and participants to question their individuality and role in society. I seek to investigate theatrical traditions, acknowledging their importance, and using them imaginatively through accessible, clever, physical and visual storytelling; putting the body - and its witnesses - at the centre of performance. 




Innovation in professionalism

Our practice and thinking is clever and imaginative, offering high-quality, original and creative productions that excite and inspire audiences.

Courage in our work

We will allow ourselves to be courageous in our approach, taking risks, and not fear failure, by being physically and emotionally vulnerable as performers and theatremakers and present work that is raw and somatically visceral.

Respect in our relationships

We will respect the integrity of each performer, our staff, the communities and partners with which we engage.

Ambitious in our ideas

We will continue to dream big, challenging the possibilities of making good theatre, and set high, positive expectations for ourselves and our work.