2-4 December 2020 | 7PM | O'Donoghue Theatre |  Livestream

A man jumps into the river. He dies. Then he wakes in a cave. Just beyond his reach, in the shadows, a creature lurks, observes, calls him.

Not far away, a man, a boy really, gets ready for college, unaware of the events that are about to happen.

It is said that when you die your life flashes in front of your eyes. I know this to be untrue. Rather, fragments, disconnected occurrences burns from your memory to offer one last explanation as to why you ended up, wherever you ended up.

I offer you mine. Because this tale - my tale is a cautionary one.

Adapted from the short horror story Le Horla by Guy de Maupassant, IMPERCEPTIBLE is a devised work of virtuosic and exciting physical theatre following a man's slow decent into madness after being visited by what he believes to be a supernatural creature.

Originally programmed as part of the Galway Theatre Festival 2020, this practice-as-research project is interested in understanding how we can use physical theatre as a tool of and for adaptation of text-based sources. IMPERCEPTIBLE offers a dark, scary and thrilling experience that explores, in part, mental health in young men in Ireland.

Tout est faux. Tout est possible. Tout est douteux.

Everything is false. Everything is possible. Everything is doubtful

This performance will be streamed live from the O'Donoghue Theatre, Galway. A post-show talk and Q&A will occur on the 2nd & 3rd December. Audiences will also be invited to fill out a survey following the screening.

Duration: approx. 75 minutes

Warning: Strong language, partial nudity, and talk of suicide.

Supported by the Hardiman Scholarship, Drama & Theatre Studies @ NUI Galway